My 15 Favorite Labor Day BBQ Recipes

Summer is unofficially over this weekend, so let’s go out with a bang! Here are 15 of my favorite Labor Day BBQ recipes!

As a vegetarian, one of my favorite ways to eat a meal (especially at large BBQs or parties) is to eat a bunch of (what other people would consider) sides. If you think about it, sides are often veggie-based, simple to prepare, and can have tons of different flavors! Plus, eating a bunch of sides is a great way to boost your veggie intake during a crazy fun party weekend!

15 Labor Day BBQ recipes | C it Nutritionally

In no specific order…because I just can’t choose favorites…

Here are *15* of my favorite Labor Day BBQ recipes:

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My 1st Blogiversary + Watermelon Cake Recipe!

1st Blogiversary + Watermelon Cake | C it Nutritionally

{Blowing candle out as we speak!!!}

It’s been over a year since C it Nutritionally was conceptualized and behind the scenes work began, but exactly one year ago today, I shared my love project with the world! On August 26, 2013 I emailed almost everyone I know about my blog, Facebook page, etc…

So today is C it Nutritionally’s unofficial-official 1st blogiversary!

1st Blogiversary + Watermelon Cake | C it Nutritionally

I’ve personally learned SO much (never thought I would have a website to call my own!) and have grown not only as a graduate student (another year under my belt and ready to start a new school year next week!), but as a blogger, entrepreneur, and cook! C it Nutritionally has evolved many times over during the past twelve months, making every ebb and flow worth it!

To celebrate, I created a 100% RD-2-be-approved blogiversary cake made out of WATERMELON! Before the season’s over, be sure to make this FUN and CREATIVE work of fruit-art…scroll down for instructions!

1st Blogiversary + Watermelon Cake | C it Nutritionally

But first, let’s reflect on C it Nutritionally’s first year…Here are some highlights: 

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5-Ingredient Southwest Summer Corn Salad

This simple southwest-inspired summer corn salad is a 1-2-3 throw together side dish, salad topper, or snack that highlights this season’s best — CORN! Southwest Summer Corn Salad | C it Nutritionally

I’m just dropping in for just a quick Meatless Monday note today…because tomorrow is a BIG {and I mean B.I.G. BIG} day!

My momqueen entertainer — has been making this SIMPLE summer corn salad for BBQs for a while now. It literally takes 5-10 minutes (depending on how many times you’ve made it…and if you use the pre-cut onions from Trader Joe’s), it’s a crowd pleaser, and is so FRESH with summer ingredients!

Southwest Summer Corn Salad | C it Nutritionally

Now, I’m not exactly pushing the side salad limits, but sometimes seeing a documented recipe can be the tiny impetus you need to actually make it happen. Kitchen beginners — this recipe is for YOUContinue reading

Friday Fun: Happy Eat a Peach Day!

Disclaimer: Before you read any further, you should really have a Single Serve Peach Crumble in hand!

OK, at least I warned you!

Eat a Peach Day | C it Nutritionally

I’m really not too sure who comes up with these food holidays, but whoever declares today, the 22nd of August, Eat a Peach day, I love you! Peaches are this Friday’s fave! Why do I love peaches so much?

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Back-to-School Lunch: Pack a Better Brown Bag

Whether you’re in back-to-school mode this September or not, fall is a transitional time of year. We’re leaving our carefree fun-in-the-sun attitude at the beach and sharpening our pencils for bookish desk-time. For those of you heading back to school, I’m going to make this your healthiest school year yet!

Back-to-School Lunch: Pack a Better Brown Bag | C it Nutritionally

Whether you’re sending your child off to learn, fearsome of the freshman 15 yourself, a grad student (like me!), or already in the work force, one of the simplest ways to make this year healthier is to pack your lunch! Brown bagging your mid-day meal several times weekly can save you tons of calories and fat, keep your waistline in check, improve your health, and prevent the development of chronic diseases.

To fuel your body properly for your busy schedule, here’s how to pack a better brown bag for school lunch this school year: Continue reading

Skinny Bruschetta with Tomatoes and Zucchini

Skinny bruschetta made from farmers market-ripe tomatoes and in-season zucchini sauteed in balsamic vinegar. Simple, yet feels decadent! 

Skinny Bruschetta with Tomatoes & Zucchini | C it Nutritionally

I just love love LOOOOVEE farmers markets!

I just returned home from the Union Square Greenmarket and, ugh (you know, in a good way), I was in heaven! I want to buy everything! Huge boxes of peaches, barrels of beans, and bunches of greens! I’m so jubilant, I’m rhyming! Skinny Bruschetta with Tomatoes & Zucchini | C it Nutritionally

I used serious self control at the market and left with just two perfect and colorful pints of cherry tomatoes, a couple of zucchinis, and a bunch of basil. Immediately, SO many tasty ideas poured into my head. I wanted to make bruschetta, a tart, a roasted tomato salad, a bean salad, a grain salad…the list was endless! {Note to self — zucchinis and tomatoes may just be the most versatile veggies!}

Skinny Bruschetta with Tomatoes & Zucchini | C it Nutritionally

Aside from looking gorgeous, farm-to-table produce is especially *sweet* in the summer…It doesn’t take much to create a delicious meal. Pints upon pints upon pints of tomatoes…I don’t hate it! Nature’s candy –> mouth explosion!!!

And about that fresh basil?? I could die from the sweet, but tangy, scent. Mmmmm Dreaming of it now and I’m only steps away from my kitchen!!!

Skinny Bruschetta with Tomatoes & Zucchini | C it Nutritionally

 To hone in on all this natural sweetness, I decided to make a simple balsamic-infused skinny bruschetta…

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Food Politics, An Update: Washington on Nutrition

Yes, Bloomberg tried to limit the size of soda you can drink. 

Yes, the First Lady wants us to Move

Yes, Washington specifies how it would like your Plate to look. Food Politics: Government on Nutrition | C it Nutritionally

Whether you favor the government meddling in your food or not, you simply cannot change the fact that they do! Public health problems, such as childhood obesity, have thwarted food and nutrition policy into the limelight, instead of it’s usual backseat. While this has allowed Americans to understand the government’s role in this very personal arena, it has also exposed how politics influence policy. (For more about the food industry and politics, read Dr. Marion Nestle’s book, Food Politics.) Despite the politics that surround Washington and the food and nutrition business, the rules and regulations created by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) are intended to keep us safe. Laws and proposals about what we eat, and how we eat it, have never been as apparent as they are now.

To keep you up-to-date, here’s a recap of what’s nutritionally been happening in Washington lately: Continue reading

Grilled Romaine Hearts and Figs

Soft romaine hearts, grilled to perfection, with a touch of smoke, sweetness, and creamy goat cheese that’s everything you’ve been waiting for this summer! 

Grilled romaine hearts & figs | C it Nutritionally

I never (OK, rarely) choose to eat romaine lettuce when I have the choice. Sure, I love a good crunch, but these days the nutritiousness of spinach, kale, and mixed greens have seized my attention [FYI, we’re talking about triple+ amounts of vitamins C, K, iron, and calcium!]

But for some reason, I’ve been thinking about this salad for over a year now. It’s about time I’ve executed on my ever wandering and continuous recipe reel that is my brain {sigh}.

Grilled romaine hearts & figs | C it Nutritionally

I first tasted the deliciously wilted leafy green salad over a year ago and have been dreaming of it ever since. Then last weekend in Philadelphia I ate not only grilled romaine hearts, but grilled romaine hearts with figs.

So what did I do?

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5 Popular Nutrition Myths, Debunked!

Media sources highlight various nutrition stories almost daily. Catchy “Eat This, Not That” headlines (that I’m even guilty of using) are only a small slice of the whole pie. Unfortunately, these tidbits, although valid, provide an incomplete picture with no context to educate viewers.

To separate fact from fiction, I’m unraveling *5* of the most popular nutrition myths currently on the market:  Continue reading

Must-Try Summer Guacamole

Traditional guacamole with a fruity twist for a must-try summer guacamole…Chunky guac lovers heaven! 

Summer Guacamole|C it NutritionallyHappy Meatless Monday! 

While I was originally going to post “How to have a successful Mexican-inspired Meatless Monday,” it just didn’t happen. I’m not going to lie…I was having too much fun on my trip to Philly* this weekend to make that #MeatlessMonday masterpiece unfold. Stay tuned!

{In the meantime you can check out these oldies (but goodies)Fajitas, Black Bean Burgers}

*I was in Philly for the AS Roma vs. Inter Milan game on Saturday…such fun!Summer Guacamole|CitNutritionally

Instead of my elaborate Mexican-inspired how to, I whipped up a delicious new guacamole variation that screams SUMMER! It’s already August (Seriously, how did that happen?!), but summer is still in full swing! BBQs, pool parties, longer days – all still here, people!

Summer Guacamole|C it Nutritionally

So this summer guacamole is PERFECT for NOW!

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