Banana Chocolate Chip Bread Pudding

When you think of New Orleans cuisine, you don’t normally think of bread pudding…maybe gumbo, crawfish, jambalaya, or beignets…but not bread pudding! 

But when I went on a family trip to the Big Easy, we took a cooking class and made this UNBELIEVABLE, mind-blowing BREAD PUDDING.

Well, it wasn’t exactly Summer’s-in-less-than-2 months-friendly!” 

So with a little trial and error and adaptation I created this beauty….Bread pudding with easter eggs top down

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Easy Passover Meal Ideas

It’s only Day 2 of PASSOVER, but I know eliminating a food category (it’s not an entire group, since some grains are kosher for Passover) can be scary! To take the headache out of the next 7 days, here are plenty of Passover-friendly meal & snack ideas:

[Hint: Let QUINOA (keen-wah) be your best friend...don't fight it!]



  • Greek yogurt with fruit
  • Fruit smoothie made with milk and almond butter (check to be sure specific brand is KFP!)
  • Avocado matzo – Mash ½ of an avocado, spread on whole wheat matzo and top with sprinkle of sea salt and red chili flakes
  • *Almond butter/apple sandwich
  • Eggs of any kind — hard boiled, scrambled, over easy, poached — with veggies!

*TIP: Don’t skimp on FIBER just because you’re skipping out on most whole grains. Include at least 2-3 servings of fruits and 4 servings of vegetables daily (especially because too much matzo can make things move a little slower…if you know what I mean….)

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5 Ways To Spring Clean Your Diet

Hi C it Nutritionally community!

I have some exciting news to share! Flowers

I have recently joined the DoGoodBuyUs team as a guest nutrition blogger every Thursday! DoGoodBuyUs “delivers the best of what’s GOOD” to your newsfeed, inbox, & mailbox! They gather hundreds of good-for-you products that also give back to great causes! This raw silk infinity scarf (picture below) is one of my favorites for *SPRING* …AND the perfect Mothers Day gift (thinking ahead…you’re welcome!). Your purchase helps conserve the environment and native trees of a small mountain town in Madagascar! Doesn’t it FEEL good to DO good? 

Source: DoGoodBuyUs

Source: DoGoodBuyUs

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Passover Apple Matzo Kugel Recipe

Warm, soft, apple matzo kugel, kosher for Passover, will make all your guests swoon! 

Passover or Pesach begins on Monday evening and I cannot wait!!!! Out of all of the Jewish holidays (and there are a lot), Passover is my favorite. I enjoy the family time, the special foods (even though most people dread it!), and the fact that Passover always signals the real beginning of spring to me!apple matzo

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3 Ways To Simplify Healthy Eating

I’m not perfect. You’re not perfect. That’s just a FACT! If you’ve tried to jump on the healthy eating bandwagon (multiple times….yeah, I’m talking to YOU…), and have fallen off, it’s time to reboot your strategy!simplify healthy eating w logo

As an aspiring dietitian (I’m almost there guys!), friends, family, and strangers (once they find out what I do) are ALWAYS asking me for nutrition advice…

What should I eat before a workout?  Can I eat unlimited (pick any food)? Which cereal is better? How do I stop my cravings? (I’m no magician…but ‘craving cures,’ coming soon!)

The list goes on….

There are plenty of diamonds AND bologna on the internet, but not everyone is savvy OR has the time (I know you’re busy!!) to sift out FACT from fictionAs a dietetics student, I rely on evidence- and scientific-based research when I provide tips and tricks, or recommend foods. For example, did you know there is a weight loss registry which studies successful lb losers to find out what truly works? These subjects provide plenty of great tips!

As I continue learning, I’ve been developing my own diet philosophy.

And when I say “diet,” I don’t mean a quick-fix…because those just don’t work (have you seen the latest “Ice Cream Cleanse???”). I use definition #1 below…Diet definition

…NOT #2 (except in the rare circumstance that qualifies as “medical reasons.”).

Consistent healthy eating to fuel your body with proper nutrition is NOT an all-or-nothing phenomena! Food is meant to be enjoyed…but too much of a good thing is, well, TOO GOOD! 

To ENJOY the food you consume on a daily basis, in a healthful way, without deprivation, here are my 3 ways to simplify eating healthy:  Continue reading

Go Co-Co- For Coconuts This Meatless Monday

Hi everyone! I missed you last week!!! I’m so excited to be back today to share the benefits of one of my favorite fruits + a delectable recipe that’s perfect for SPRING! Happy #MeatlessMonday!!! 

When I traveled to South America last December, one thing was apparent…People are Co-Co for COCONUT!

In recent years, North America has caught on and fallen in LOVE with the COCONUT CRAZE! 

Many coconut products on the market use a variety of coconut ‘parts’ to provide an assortment of nutritional benefits and energy for our bodies. To simplify, clarify, and fill you inhere’s what you need to know about this tropical fruit (plus a coconut-inspired protein pancake recipe below!)…Coconut pancakes with yogurt top down_Fotor 2 Continue reading

Sweet Potato Bruschetta

I love to entertain…I get it from my mama! 

Sweet Potato Bruschetta

Buttttt, living in a tiny NYC apartment doesn’t leave much opportunity to host large dinner parties…not that I even have a real kitchen table!

So when my friend Samantha was coming over for lunch last week, I decided instead of going out for lunch, to e n t e r t a i n!!! Sam is a trainer and teaches upwards of 4 dance/strength training classes — 60 to 90 minutes each — every day! (Not to mention she’s an aspiring Broadway star & 110% worthy!!)

As a nutrition grad student, I knew I needed to replenish her calories, electrolytes, and ENERGY with a nourishing lunch. So here’s the #MeatlessMonday-approved menu I created: Continue reading