What I Ate Wednesday 4

This almost dietitian (hiiii) is tracking a day of eats so you can get inspired, and even possibly motivated, to add more healthy food to your life. My philosophy is all about BALANCE though so don’t expect all kale and no fun! Have no idea what I’m talking about? Click here and here to find out! 

In honor of my love for The Skimm, this day of eats is brought to you from my bed, munchin on popcorn and watching the last few episodes of Parenthood (I’m not done yet, don’t tell me anything!)…

Sometimes, life gets in the way. And by life I mean my dietetic internship. I had my entire What I Ate Wednesday post nearly ready to go last week, but last Tuesday night I was swamped with some work and couldn’t make it all shiny in time to press publish. Womp womp. 

I missed sharing my eats with you guys last week, so I’ve been posting extra eats to Instagram lately to compensate! Are we friends on Instagram?! Don’t forget to follow @CitNutritionally for behind the scenes action, snapshots of what I actually eat, and to make sure you don’t miss a new recipe (sometimes I share recipes only on Instagram)!

Well, you already got a sneak peek of some of this week’s eats so let’s jump right into my smoothie bowl…the first one I’ve actually enjoyed as a bowl!

What I Ate Wednesday 4 | C it Nutritionally

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25 Meatless Monday Dinners For Fall

To me, fall screams leather jacket with a cozy scarf weather, Michigan football in the Big House (#goblue!), and comfort food! Perhaps more in the fall than even the winter, I love having a comfy dinner waiting for me because the weather is jusssst starting to chill, I’m trying not to catch that pesky cold going around, and I want to dive right in to a warming bowl of soup, a steamy baked potato, or a cheesy bowl of pasta…without ruining my hard work at the gym

One of the many reasons I love participating in Meatless Monday is that veggies are at the center of my plate, which means I can fill up without filling OUT. After all, just because I can cuddle up in a chunky sweater doesn’t mean I want to add layers underneath 😉

25 Meatless Monday Dinners For Fall | C it Nutritionally

Not to mention that veggies are chock full of essential nutrients that help keep up healthy, give us energy to sustain our busy lives, and are DELICIOUS, especially when enjoyed in season!

So we can all enjoy the comforts of the changing seasons, I put together 25 Meatless Monday dinners for fall that are comforting, cozy, and guaranteed to warm you right up…while nourishing your body right!

Cue the pumpkin/butternut squash/apples/cinnamon/cranberries…

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Israeli Cous Cous Stuffed Eggplant {Vegan}

Flavorful whole wheat Israeli cous cous combined with in-season veggies of choice, diverse spices and fresh herbs stuffed in roasted eggplant for a bright weeknight meal. Prep the stuffing in advance and have this healthy Israeli cous cous stuffed eggplant on the table in under an hour! 

Israeli Cous Cous Stuffed Eggplant | C it Nutritionally

People frequently ask me what inspires a recipe, especially after creating over 100 original recipes for C it Nutritionally. The answer is simple: EVERYTHING! Some recipes are inspired by restaurant menus, others by an ingredient at the farmer’s market, and others from browsing some of my favorite cookbooks.

A very distinct image of eggplant from one of my favorite cookbooks inspired this recipe. Although I didn’t originally set out to create a stuffed eggplant, I couldn’t get a gorgeous image out of my head. I played around with familiar Mediterranean-inspired flavors and created a delicious and nutritious Meatless Monday dinner that your entire family will enjoy.

The best part about this recipe is that it’s 100% customizable…Not an eggplant fan? Substitute bell peppers or zucchini, while they’re still in season, and then try winter squash! Follow a gluten free diet? Substitute quinoa for a g-free meal. Prefer chickpeas or black beans? Go for it!

This recipe is an outline for stuffed eggplant. You can switch and swap whatever spices, veggies, or grains tickle your taste buds. Use what’s in season and you’re sure to have a flavorful meal without much hands on effort! 

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