Why I Love Chia Seeds + Raspberry Cinnamon Chia Jam

The simplest way to make jam is back…chia jam, that is! But first, why chia seeds deserve their superfood status! 

Raspberry Cinnamon Chia Jam | C it Nutritionally

Through the grapevine I’ve heard whispers of “Are chia seeds a real thing?” Well, today I’m here to tell you YES, they’re a legitimate thing…and AWESOME!

You may have used chia seeds years ago to make a ‘pet,’ but these days chia seeds are all the rage to EAT. And YES, they’re [nutritionally] worth the hype!Raspberry Cinnamon Chia Jam | C it Nutritionally

The only downfall I can think of? They get stuck between your teeth!

Here’s why this ancient seed is a nutritional superstar (cue spotlight!): 
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Healthy Apple Crisp

Apples with cinnamon and maple syrup topped with a crumbly oatmeal topping that embodies fall! This healthy apple crisp is a lightened up version of a seasonal favorite!

Healthy Apple Crisp | C it Nutritionally

{Disclosure: Crunch Pak sent me their products, which I used for this post, but all opinions and recipe are my own.}

Ahhhh the smells of fall! While I L.O.V.E. the warmth of summer, the smells of fall are by far my favorite of any season! Cinnamon, pumpkin, apple, cranberries…Is it Thanksgiving yet? 

Peak apple season is approaching, which means it’s time to revel in fall’s best — crisp APPLES freshly picked from the orchards — baked/broiled/sauteed, sweet and savory.

Healthy Apple Crisp | C it Nutritionally

If you’re looking for a straightforward, easy as pie crisp recipe then you’re in luck! This healthy apple crisp is fall wafting through the house. I happen to think warm apples are one of the coziest seasonal treats (have you heard me rave about my mom’s applesauce?!) Continue reading

The Great Debate: Low Fat vs Low Carb

If you watched the news or read any paper last week you heard/read this headline:

“Low Fat vs Low Carb: Which Diet Is Better?” 

Low fat vs low carb

My immediate reaction: “Nooooooooooo!!!!”  

While I respect journalists for the work that they do, it is difficult, as a graduate student in clinical nutrition, to watch certain studies get turned into headlines with hard and fast rules. They’re often interpreted with no wiggle room, scientific explanation, or commentary of how the findings translate into real life (because that’s what it’s about!!!).

You know what I mean???

Well, two studies were published last week. One [published in the Annals of Internal Medicine] concluded that those dieters on a low carbohydrate diet lost more weight and reduced their risk of cardiovascular disease more than those participants on a low fat diet.

Low Fat vs Low Carb Diet | C it Nutritionally

The other study [published in the Journal of the American Medical Association] found a minimal difference in weight loss between participants following a low carbohydrate diet versus a low fat diet. This was a systematic review of 48 randomized trials (typically considered the Queen Bey of research). Due to the lack of significant differences, the study authors recommended choosing whichever diet you are most likely to see through (if looking to lose weight).

So what do these studies mean for YOU and your health? Here are the 3 most important things you should know to put the fat versus carb debate to rest: Continue reading

Avocado Toast

One of my absolute favorite snacks: AVOCADO TOAST. Creamy avocado complemented with sea salt on protein- and fiber-rich bread…simplicity at its best, the unrivaled breakfast, lunch, or snack.

Avocado Toast | C it Nutritionally

School is officially in full swing! You know those days of undergrad where they ease you into class…the first class lasting, mayyyybe, 30 minutes and then you get out early to enjoy the weather while it’s still nice out?

Yeah, those days don’t exist in grad school. 

In between classes, interning, volunteering, modeling (ha!) and working on my love project (yes, you’re reading it now), this past week has left me exhausted, hungry, and always in a hurry. But boy, have I become quite the multitasker! 

Oh and have I mentioned that I’ve fallen in LOVE too?! 

Avocado Toast | C it Nutritionally

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NY Fashion Week & Beautifying Smoothie

A creamy, tangy, and naturally sweet beautifying smoothie packed with vitamins and minerals, protein, and fiber…perfect for busy moms and kids or New York’s finest models during Fashion Week! 

Beautifying Smoothie | C it Nutritionally

Hellloooo New York Fashion Week!!!!!

Fashion has never quite been my thing…You’d be much more likely to see me in gym clothes to and from class over haute couture. But I can definitely appreciate a gorgeous piece of clothing and drooool over the perfect shoe (if only my shoe budget was larger…hmmm), so when I was contacted by an up and coming fashion designer I jumped at the chance to collaborate (after I saw her clothes and loved them!).

Enter Natascha. She launched Tasch NYC in February and is debuting her new line TOMORROW at Small Boutique Fashion Week, a part of New York Fashion Week. I love that she sources everything locally – even using a factory right here in the garment district of NYC! She gave me an incredible opportunity to show off some of her new pieces in this casual photo shoot…

Beautifying Smoothie | C it Nutritionally

…SO much fun!

Even if you’re not in the New York area for her show, you can get in on the fun by using the coupon code below to get 15% off your purchase through November 15th

When Nastascha and I first discussed working together, I wasn’t quite sure how a health food blogger (moi!) and a fashion designer were going to collaborate, but then I thought…the MODELS! While most people think models don’t eat and go to extreme measures to stay thin (and some do), models require fuel to sustain their hectic schedules, constant traveling, and hard workouts (because they need that lady-like definition!).

So how does a healthy model stay energized while looking positively radiant during a hectic week of fashion shows???  Continue reading

September is Better Breakfast Month

I’m happy to say, I practice what I preach!

Every day (yes, every. single. day.), I start my day with breakfast. No, not only in September for Better Breakfast Month, but year-round.

Tips for a Better Breakfast Month | C it Nutritionally

Why? Aside from countless studies, which prove the importance of this AM meal (to improve focus, memory, and productivity), the first meal of the day sets me up for success, through proper nutrition!

Not only do I absolutely LOVE breakfast foods (I have breakfast for dinner at least once a week!), many breakfast favorites — eggs, fruit, oatmeal — provide a HUGE nutritional bang for your caloric buck. While I suggest straying from breakfast pastries, go ahead and start your day with complex carbs, protein, and healthy fats. Let’s take a look: Continue reading

Lemon Avocado Dressing

Hints of lemon, velvety avocado, and fresh herbs make this creamy dressing a show stopper for any bare greens. Whipped to perfection and smooth for your taste buds…turn any salad from drab to fab!

Lemon Avocado Dressing | C it Nutritionally

Happy Labor Day and September!!!

I’m just dropping a quick note today so you can get back outside and enjoy the last (unofficial) day of summer and because this recipe is SO good (patting myself on the back as we speak)!

In case your Labor Day BBQ salad is looking a little bare, whip up this tasty, tangy, and oh so creamy [Lemon Avocado Dressing] concoction to turn your plain ol’ lettuce into something spectacular!

Seriously…Lemon Avocado Dressing!!!

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My 15 Favorite Labor Day BBQ Recipes

Summer is unofficially over this weekend, so let’s go out with a bang! Here are 15 of my favorite Labor Day BBQ recipes!

As a vegetarian, one of my favorite ways to eat a meal (especially at large BBQs or parties) is to eat a bunch of (what other people would consider) sides. If you think about it, sides are often veggie-based, simple to prepare, and can have tons of different flavors! Plus, eating a bunch of sides is a great way to boost your veggie intake during a crazy fun party weekend!

15 Labor Day BBQ recipes | C it Nutritionally

In no specific order…because I just can’t choose favorites…

Here are *15* of my favorite Labor Day BBQ recipes:

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My 1st Blogiversary + Watermelon Cake Recipe!

1st Blogiversary + Watermelon Cake | C it Nutritionally

{Blowing candle out as we speak!!!}

It’s been over a year since C it Nutritionally was conceptualized and behind the scenes work began, but exactly one year ago today, I shared my love project with the world! On August 26, 2013 I emailed almost everyone I know about my blog, Facebook page, etc…

So today is C it Nutritionally’s unofficial-official 1st blogiversary!

1st Blogiversary + Watermelon Cake | C it Nutritionally

I’ve personally learned SO much (never thought I would have a website to call my own!) and have grown not only as a graduate student (another year under my belt and ready to start a new school year next week!), but as a blogger, entrepreneur, and cook! C it Nutritionally has evolved many times over during the past twelve months, making every ebb and flow worth it!

To celebrate, I created a 100% RD-2-be-approved blogiversary cake made out of WATERMELON! Before the season’s over, be sure to make this FUN and CREATIVE work of fruit-art…scroll down for instructions!

1st Blogiversary + Watermelon Cake | C it Nutritionally

But first, let’s reflect on C it Nutritionally’s first year…Here are some highlights: 

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5-Ingredient Southwest Summer Corn Salad

This simple southwest-inspired summer corn salad is a 1-2-3 throw together side dish, salad topper, or snack that highlights this season’s best — CORN! Southwest Summer Corn Salad | C it Nutritionally

I’m just dropping in for just a quick Meatless Monday note today…because tomorrow is a BIG {and I mean B.I.G. BIG} day!

My momqueen entertainer — has been making this SIMPLE summer corn salad for BBQs for a while now. It literally takes 5-10 minutes (depending on how many times you’ve made it…and if you use the pre-cut onions from Trader Joe’s), it’s a crowd pleaser, and is so FRESH with summer ingredients!

Southwest Summer Corn Salad | C it Nutritionally

Now, I’m not exactly pushing the side salad limits, but sometimes seeing a documented recipe can be the tiny impetus you need to actually make it happen. Kitchen beginners — this recipe is for YOUContinue reading