Why I Am NOT The Food Police

Hi, my name is Chelsey, and I love food. Healthy or not (OK, mostly healthy), gluten-free or gluten-full, new on-the-market buzz or old favorites…I try not to discriminate…except for when it comes to my food allergies (but that’s a whole other story!).

Knowing I’m a clinical nutrition student, do you expect any different? (Maybe? Be honest!) 

Well, two things typically happen when people find out I’m in school for food nutrition:

1. The floodgates open with questions,


2. People become very guarded about their dietary habits (and inquisitive about mine).

On the latter note, I’m here to set something straight…Dietitians (and dietetic students) are NOT the food police!

Source: Do Good Buy Us

Source: Do Good Buy Us

Most of us enter the field because we love food (even though we may have a stronger desire for healthier options than the average Joe). We also want to help you become your best self, teach you how eating better can make you feel better and optimize performance, and watch you heal certain ailments or delay a tragic diagnosis. At least this is what I hope to do. Continue reading

Single-Serve Peach Crumble

When I see PEACHES at the farmer’s market, I know it’s summer (in case the heat, humidity, and gradual tans on my coworkers wasn’t enough of a hint). They’re just one of those fruits…hard to find out-of-season, the absolute perfect mess, and the ultimate mystery (seriously…why are they fuzzy?).Peach Crumble | C it Nutritionally

In the stone fruit family, peaches are a nutritional powerhouse! Your average sweet peach will only cost you 60 caloriesThat’s what I call a dessert win! Plus, no fat or cholesterol, over 2g fiber, and 1.5g protein (Yes, fruits and vegetables DO contribute some protein to your diet!!!). 

Your standard dishes get the ultimate makeover with the addition of this versatile fuzz

Peach Crumble | C it Nutritionally

    • Dice peaches for an excellent accompaniment to lean protein, fish, or even salsa.
    • Grill them for an unrivaled dessert.
    • Puree roasted peaches to add to a smoothie or salad dressing.
    • Chop ‘em up in any salad for some sweet Georgia peach lovin’.
    • Use them in a pie, tart, crisp, or crumble (see below!)Peach Crumble | C it Nutritionally

    I indulge in something sweet every night of the week, whether it’s a bowl of cherries, some dark chocolate, or a slice of pie. But when there’s pie around I’ll just want to pick endlessly…c‘mon, that crumble topping?!?

    {Fruit pies count as a serving of fruit, right?} 

    Well, I wanted to make an individual, portion-friendly option that removes the free-range temptation of an entire pie, but delivers the utmost deliciousness.

    Enter: My single-serve peach crumble! 

    Peach Crumble | C it Nutritionally

    Now does that look like a scrumptious AND healthy dessert or what?!

    Or breakfast??? 

    Snack time?? 

    You can thank me later!

    Peach Crumble | C it Nutritionally

    I simply halved ripe (but not mushy) peaches, exaggerated the hole in the center, and stuffed with crumble goodness (that’s even vegan and can be made gluten-free!).

    Peach Crumble | C it Nutritionally

    I used a combination of oats, pepitas, brown sugar, and cinnamon as the base of my crumble, but you can get creative. Swap in thinly sliced almonds, wheat germ, or even dried coconut flakes…mmmm!

    fiber and protein-packed crumble that tastes even better than it looks…what more could you ask for on this #MeatlessMonday? 

    Peach Crumble | C it Nutritionally

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    Mindful Eating in 5 Easy Steps

    The other week I participated in an Everyday Health twitter chat on how to reduce summer stress. The conversation focused on how to sloooow down and have more fun-in-the-sun!

    Now, I know what you may be thinking…summer is all about “livin’ easy!” But countless social obligations, happy hours, and scorching temperatures can lead to stress and anxiety (Cue: AHHH!). To enjoy the warm weather, while still tackling all of your responsibilities at work, home, and for yourself, let’s focus on being mindful…especially about our health!Mindful Eating |C it Nutritionally

    As someone in the field of nutrition and health, I zoomed in on the conversation of mindful eating. Continue reading

    Stone Fruit Salad

    Happy Monday friends! 

    I hope you had as wonderful of a weekend as I did – My boyfriend and I went on an adventure to Michigan to visit his parents! Not only did we have such a great time with his parents (thanks again for having me!), but it was great being back in the midwest!

    We drove the 10 hours from New York, which actually wasn’t as stressful and exhausting as I remember in college (Go Blue!!). We saw a great comedy show, had a relaxing BBQ, saw the movie Chef, and I went for a ride in their Cobra (yeah, I didn’t know what that was either at first…hello Motor City!).

    Do you know how beautiful it is there? Go visit! #PureMichigan! Cherries

    Anyways, knowing I’m a nutrition student with food allergies, my boyfriend’s mom stocked up on some of my favorite foods — sunflower seed butter, berries (thank you!) — and took me to some beautiful markets in the neighborhood. These weren’t just your average melons… Continue reading

    Work Towards a Healthy Summer Now!

    **Don’t forget to enter The New Greenmarket Cookbook GIVEAWAY!!! Click here to find out how to enter!**


    Among the fun in the sun, it’s important to take time for your HEALTH! While the bikini bod “pressure” encourages some to kick their healthy eating plans into high gear, others get distracted by the countless parties, happy hours, and longer days.

    Have a healthy summer

    To keep your focus on point this season, I’m here to help you have a FUN and healthy summer! Continue reading

    Summer Pasta with Sungold Tomatoes + Greenmarket Cookbook Giveaway

    Happy Meatless Monday!!! I hope your holiday weekend included a delicious BBQ, fireworks, and FUN with friends and family!Summer Pasta with Sungold Tomatoes

    Today, I’m sharing a simple summer recipe from The New Greenmarket Cookbook AND giving you the chance to WIN a copy of this beautiful and delicious book! 

    Now that’s how you turn around a MONDAY! 

    The New Greenmarket Cookbook

    I don’t know about you, but I think there’s something special and nostalgic about using an actual cookbook in the kitchen. Yes, you can find recipes on the internet (Hello! Bloggers like me provide tasty recipes every day!), but I think cooking with a ream of paper that tells a story of accumulating experience is the best way to refine your craft…or learn something new!

    So when I was approached by the masterminds behind The New Greenmarket Cookbook asking if I could share a scrumptious summer recipe and offer my loyal readers a chance to WIN a copy, I jumped at the chance!Pasta Salad with Sungold Tomatoes Continue reading

    New Couple Alert! Watermelon Tomato Salad

    Happy almost July 4th weekend!!!

    As the holiday approaches, I’ve spent countless hours scouring Pinterest for all the latest and greatest July 4th-themed recipes. As I was scrolling and pinning away, dessert nostalgia swept over me for one of my favorite childhood desserts — The Firecracker! You know, the red, white, & blue popsicle that was heaven after a hot and sandy day at the beach! July 4th!

    While I may not favor the same treat these days, I do still love July 4th weekend. Not only because my brother got married last year on this very special weekend, but because who doesn’t love an excuse for a BBQ, fireworks, (and an extra day off…to blog, of course!!).

    I relish in the flavors of summer — juicy berries and watermelon, sweet tomatoes, crisp greens, ripe stone fruits, and smoky grilled vegetables and fish. Plus, the joy of entertaining outdoors and the happiness that accompanies sunshine!Watermelon Tomato Salad

    If you’re hosting a party or attending one this weekend, I have a simple Watermelon Tomato Salad for you that screams SUMMER!

    This particular salad is special to me because it just happens to be the background photo that you see on my blog’s homepage!

    How delish does it look?!? 


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    Eat This Not That — Summer Edition

    How awesome does SUMMER feel?!? The sun is shining, gyms are empty because everyone is exercising outdoors, and the beaches are open! Party invitations are flowing, whether it’s for the wedding of the season, or a simple backyard BBQ!Lemonade

    With endless social engagements this time of year, it’s hard to stick to our healthy eating plans 24/7.

    To have your cake and eat it too, here are smart swaps for this sunny season –

    Eat This Not That:

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    Protein Pancakes — Revised!

    If you follow my Instagram account, you know I’m a lover of PROTEIN PANCAKES!

    PP 2

    I posted this protein pancake-wich recipe a few months ago when I first discovered my true love, and since then I’ve made them maybe 50 times. So maybe that qualifies as OBSESSED!

    [Not to mention, the boyfriend begs for them...and anything that gets him to eat healthier is a win in my book! :) ]

    Over time, I’ve played around with proportions, ingredients, and have discovered the PERFECT recipe! And I don’t take perfection lightly ;)

    Get excited!!!! Continue reading