Sweet and Spicy Roasted Sweet Potato Wedges

Sweet and spicy, crisp with a soft interior, these roasted sweet potato wedges make the perfect snack, appetizer or side dish and are packed with nutrients! 

Sweet & Spicy Roasted Sweet Potato Wedges | C it Nutritionally

I dropping in for the quickest of quick notes today. You see, last week and this weekend were packed with busyness…

I had this HUGE catering-type event for my Food Production class. We had to cater a Fall Harvest event for 100 people from the nutrition department! We created the menu, requisition, production schedule, and then executed the event cooking everything in the kitchen over 13 hours! Let me just say, my back was aching Friday evening! But everything went off without much of a hiccup so it was quite the success! 

Here’s the UHHH-MAZING Brussels Sprouts and Parmesan Flatbread I made…

Sweet & Spicy Roasted Sweet Potato Wedges | C it Nutritionally

Adapted from this recipe!

And here’s some Thai Butternut Squash Soup….

Sweet & Spicy Roasted Sweet Potato Wedges | C it Nutritionally

Here’s the recipe we used!

After lounging around all day Saturday, I had my camp friend’s wedding Saturday night! The bride looked BEAUTIFUL and it was so much fun! 

The next two weeks I have midterms (womp. womp.). I may be a little M.I.A. over here, but I’m thinking of ya and have SO many great recipes planned!!! 

So anyways, here’s a quick side dish/snack/brunch accompaniment for you! These sweet and spicy roasted sweet potato wedges are bomb.com [yes, I just said that!].Sweet & Spicy Roasted Sweet Potato Wedges | C it Nutritionally

I LOVE sweet potatoes and yams [yes, they're 2 different things, but I'm not getting into that now!] because they’re chock full of good-for-you nutrients that we need:  Continue reading

Eat This, Not That: Healthier HALLOWEEN Treats + Veggie Go’s GIVEAWAY!

Boy does time fly! All of a sudden I looked at my calendar and it’s OCTOBER 15th!! 15th!!!! That’s halfway through this month…fall is just passing me by!

Well, this means Halloween is only 2 weeks away…are you ready?! 

Now I admit, I’ve never been a huge fan of Halloween…I think I was born a scaaarrrrdddy cat, disliking all things scary — movies, decorations, kids throwing eggs — but I do appreciate a good costume {see below} and candy. 

Healthy Halloween Treats | C it Nutritionally

Since Labor Day (Yes, that’s a solid 2 months before the goblins and ghosts…) we’ve seen candy lining the shelves of drugstores and supermarkets around the country! Yikes! I’ve always had a sweet tooth {sorry Dad, the dentist!}, so I was willing to dress up for the candy!

As I’ve studied nutrition and food science, however, I’ve learned too much about food additives, artificial colorings and dyes, and processing techniques to blindly munch on chewy goodness and cavity-provoking sugar.

Greatist did a great job describing what’s really in Halloween candy here

While I regularly consume sweets (hello, nightly dark chocolate!), these days I’d rather have a Veggie Go that has an ingredient list I can recognize. I’m not condemning age-old Halloween traditions, but instead offering some food for thought! Since this is ONE day out of 365 in a year, go ahead and have something sweet, but look for an ingredient list you can READ!!!Healthy Halloween Treats | C it Nutritionally

For a boo-worthy treat, with less tricks, swap these lesser known sweets that have a more familiar ingredient list for a more natural* approach to this sweet holiday. Here are some healthier Halloween treats: Continue reading

Seed Crackers for a Meatless Monday Snack

Crunchy, nutritious, and satisfying, these protein and fiber-filled SEED crackers are perfect for getting you through a busy day! Whip up a batch of these vegan and gluten free crackers today!

Seed Crackers | C it Nutritionally

You know how bloggers write posts like “My Top 10 Tips for Full Time Blogging” or “What I’ve Learned in My First Year Blogging” and they ALWAYS say to make a schedule and stick to it? Well, yeah, I’m HORRIBLE at that.

Grad school assignment due? I’m all over that…and usually with time to spare. Blog post I want to write? Well, it can take over a year. 

Case in point…this recipe. 

Seed Crackers | C it Nutritionally

These seed crackers are one of the first recipes I adapted for my blog (over a year and a half ago!).

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Friday Fun! My Smorgasburg Adventure

Happy Friiiiiidayyy!!! And moving day to me :) Since I’m only moving 20 blocks within this great city [of New York], I figured I’d share my adventures from a fun New York activity — SMORGASBURG!

Smorgasburg | C it Nutritionally

A few weeks ago I hopped on the 5 train and headed to Brooklyn. I really wish I was a hipster New York City gal who knows Brooklyn…but I don’t. To be honest, most of the time when I venture to this borough it’s is for food

Embarrassing? Probably. But honesty is the best policy! 

Yes, there are a MILLION things to do in Brooklyn, which I always put on my “to do” lists, but time seems to escape me. Exhibits, concerts, underground parties…they all sound fun, but some how I just never make it. But I am determined to make it to this shoe exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum…anything for SHOES! 

Anyways, I headed over under the bridge to Smorgasburg! This Brooklyn “Flea Food Market” has been around for years, has been on my to-do list, and guess what?…I finally made it! 

Many people think that because I study nutrition, I don’t enjoy food. Au contraire – I look forward to eating probably more than most and I am by no means the food police. So when I stepped into this outdoor foodie flea, my taste buds perked up! Continue reading

Vegan Chili

This spicy and hearty vegan chili is filling, packed with protein and fiber to fill you up (not out) on these chilly fall days! 

Vegan Chili | C it Nutritionally

Happy moving week to ME!!!! 

I’m moving at the end of the week, so life has been hectic around here! My kitchen ‘stuff’ is among the last things I’m packing so I still have time to squeeze out a few more delicious meals before moving day! However, I have been trying to use up the last of my pantry, because moving cans of food…even if it is just 20 blocks away…just seems unnecessary! Of course, chili popped into my mind because, well, it’s officially fall and it’s definitely getting chilly

Once October hits, my mom always makes chili, so now that I’m living on my own, so do I! 

…at least it’s what I have come to know as chili — chunky, hearty, and SO tasty — albeit hard to photograph!  Continue reading

Fall Harvest Hash (& what to eat this fall)

Sweet and savory flavors turn this breakfast classic into your not-so-traditional fall harvest hash! Here’s to fall

Fall Harvest Hash | C it Nutritionally

Well, it’s officially FALL! Despite temperatures reaching the 80s this weekend in NYC, the leaves will soon be falling, bulky knit sweaters and boots I’ll be wearing, and the holidays are coming! 

Before I tell you what you should be eating this fall (like my fall harvest hash!), I want to tell you about what I did on Saturday…I attended the Global Citizen Festival in Central Park! The Global Citizen Festival’s third year was so successful. This mega-star concert [No Doubt, Jay Z & Beyonce, Fun!, Carrie Underwood, and more!] raises money and awareness to eliminate global poverty by 2030!

Fall Harvest Hash | C it Nutritionally

Discussing important causes (clean drinking water, education, women’s rights, etc.) on an eighty degree (& sunny) day, with great music is my kind of Saturday…until a crisp 65 hits…

Fall Harvest Hash | C it Nutritionally

I’m officially ready for a bowl of soup and crunchy leaves on the ground! Here are some of the fun things I’m looking forward to this fall:

  • Apple Picking
  • Moving!!! {Ahhh the stresses! Stay tuned to see what I whip up from my pantry before my big move!}
  • Flea market shopping (before it gets too cold!)
  • Outdoor concert...Oh I can cross that one off my list now!

More than anything, I’m excited for my favorite fall foods! While I’m definitely enjoying the last of summer tomatoes (mmmm), I’m ready to FALL back in love with butternut squashapplesbeetssweet potatoesmy list goes on! 

Let’s talk nutrition! Here are some of my fall favorites: 

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Apple Honey Cake for Rosh HaShanah

Moist and rich, this apple honey cake embodies fall and the sweet [Jewish] new year ahead! 

Apple Honey Cake | C it Nutritionally

This Wednesday evening through Friday, Jewish people all over the world will be celebrating the New Year: Rosh Hashanah [translation: head of the year]. Similar to the American New Year, it’s a time to reflect on the past year, start fresh, and ask for forgiveness from those you have hurt in the past year [until Yom Kippur 10 days later, that is]. 

The past year of my life has been super busy, rewarding, and challenging. I switched careers, started graduate school and absolutely LOVE what I’m doing (including my 2 part-time jobs, volunteer work, and this blog!)…C it Nutritionally has grown leaps and bounds…I have been working to better my personal health (practicing what I preach!)…Several of my closest friends from elementary school have gotten engaged and I’m SO excited to be celebrating with all of them in the upcoming year!…I’m closer than ever with my family and friends and I’m so thankful to have all of their support and love in my life! 

Annually, we hope for a SWEET new year! For this reason, we eat apples and honey, plus a variety of other sweet foods — pomegranates, dates, sweet potatoes, and honey cake

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Meatless Monday Greek Bean Burgers

Traditional regional herbs and spices flavor this Greek bean burger so you’ll feel like you’re eating on the Mediterranean with the explosion of flavor in each bite. Greek Bean Burger | C it Nutritionally

A certain scent hangs in the air when you near the ocean…I think it’s the humidity that suspends the sea salt. I grew up close to the Atlantic ocean, but it wasn’t until I lived on the Mediterranean Sea for two years that this scent became so peaceful to me (and traumatic to my hair!). Maybe this is why, out of most cuisines around the world, Mediterranean food consistently tops my list of favorites.

Greek Bean Burger | C it Nutritionally

Santorini, Greece

There’s a distinct scent when you walk into most Mediterranean restaurants too. Usually, it’s influenced by some fish, but it’s the fresh herbs and spices and refreshing vegetables, like cucumber, tomatoes, and olives, that really get to me.

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Why I Love Chia Seeds + Raspberry Cinnamon Chia Jam

The simplest way to make jam is back…chia jam, that is! But first, why chia seeds deserve their superfood status! 

Raspberry Cinnamon Chia Jam | C it Nutritionally

Through the grapevine I’ve heard whispers of “Are chia seeds a real thing?” Well, today I’m here to tell you YES, they’re a legitimate thing…and AWESOME!

You may have used chia seeds years ago to make a ‘pet,’ but these days chia seeds are all the rage to EAT. And YES, they’re [nutritionally] worth the hype!Raspberry Cinnamon Chia Jam | C it Nutritionally

The only downfall I can think of? They get stuck between your teeth!

Here’s why this ancient seed is a nutritional superstar (cue spotlight!): 
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Healthy Apple Crisp

Apples with cinnamon and maple syrup topped with a crumbly oatmeal topping that embodies fall! This healthy apple crisp is a lightened up version of a seasonal favorite!

Healthy Apple Crisp | C it Nutritionally

{Disclosure: Crunch Pak sent me their products, which I used for this post, but all opinions and recipe are my own.}

Ahhhh the smells of fall! While I L.O.V.E. the warmth of summer, the smells of fall are by far my favorite of any season! Cinnamon, pumpkin, apple, cranberries…Is it Thanksgiving yet? 

Peak apple season is approaching, which means it’s time to revel in fall’s best — crisp APPLES freshly picked from the orchards — baked/broiled/sauteed, sweet and savory.

Healthy Apple Crisp | C it Nutritionally

If you’re looking for a straightforward, easy as pie crisp recipe then you’re in luck! This healthy apple crisp is fall wafting through the house. I happen to think warm apples are one of the coziest seasonal treats (have you heard me rave about my mom’s applesauce?!) Continue reading