It (was) My Birthday…So I’ll Blog If I Want To!

Last week I turned *25*!!!!1460056_10102332231521188_1369305970_n_2

AHH! Cue quarter life crisis! 

While I haven’t freaked out (yet), the big 2-5 can be earth-shattering for many twenty somethings out there!

What am I doing with my life? 

Do I like my job?

Do I like where I’m living? 

Am I making enough money? 

Ya see???? 

I had SUCH a fun weekend celebrating with family & friends…dinner with my parents, participated in SantaCon with my friends here in NYC (see the picture above), and indulged in plenty of chocolate cake (thanks Mom!)…so I’m ready for my 25th year! bring-it-life
It also turns out that my birthday falls about the same time people begin thinking about New Year’s resolutions. So as I look ahead to the next year in my life, I’m also looking forward to the year in front of me.unnamed defines “resolution” as “a decision or determination.” I especially like the phrase determination because I think a lot of people view resolutions as all or nothing…which leads them to “fail” by Valentine’s Day. But if you view a resolution as something you’re determined to better (whether waking up before work to exercise or participate in Meatless Monday), you’re going to have a positive outcome…because no one is perfect, after all!

What are you determined to do better in 2014??? 

Personally, I enjoy the fresh start, but don’t exactly make resolutions. Instead, I try to set goals of what I’m determined to accomplish. Most are vague, leaving plenty of room for flexibility as I develop a better idea of what road my year is following (because you’ve got to live in the moment!)

So here’s what I’m looking forward to in the year ahead: 

  • Growing my blog. January is all about C it Nutritionally! In early 2014 expect to see a revamped and remodeled site loaded with new content, recipes, and tips! I’m excited to grow this forum as I progress through my graduate studies!
  • Becoming an adventurous cook. I once read an article about cooking techniques you should be able to master at 20, 30, 40, 50, etc. I got 20 down (I think it was a salmon dish over salad), but I want to expand my repertoire of recipes and go-to meals so if someone asks me what to make, I’ll always have a unique and creative response! Plus, experimenting is fun…so you should try it too!

    Like what to do with an artichoke?!?!?

    Like what to do with an artichoke?!?!?

  • Spiralizing! I got this nifty machine for my birthday and I can’t wait to start cranking out recipes! What should I make first….???unnamed
  • Improving my photog skills. My parents got me a fancy-shmancy camera for the big 2-5 and I cannot wait (!!!!) to have the time to learn how to use it! I know NOTHING about aperture, light, lenses, etc so it’s going to take LOTS of practice….get excited though…CitNutritionally is going to be looking FAB!
  • Focusing on fitness. I’ve mentioned before that I’m a HUGE Tracy Anderson fan and I absolutely LOVE her Metamorphosis DVDs…I’m going to share more of my fitness regimen (it’s not too scientific) and how I plan to improve my physical fitness in the year ahead.

    Ultimate serenity from my summers spent on Lake Winnipesaukee.

    Ultimate serenity from my summers spent on Lake Winnipesaukee.

  • Taking a little time to enjoy the view. I often run through my days doing a million things without being able to enjoy what I’m doing. I’m busy writing down proportions when I cook so I don’t forget anything, instead of reveling in my time in the kitchen. Meditation (attempts) and time to reflect have become more important as I’ve gotten older…for my mental and physical health.

While some of my goals are vague, many people prefer specific resolutions with a detailed plan of action to attain their objective. Whatever works for you, don’t beat yourself up over a setback…they happen to all of us, and usually for a good reason – to learn something about ourselves or someone/something else!

How are you getting ready for the year ahead??? Let me know in the comments section below! 

Thank You Grandma! (from a birthday card!)

Thank You Grandma! (from a birthday card!)

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  1. i don’t usually like to leave comments on a blog that is so well written and poignant, but i had to wish you a very happy 1/4 century and a very healthy and nutritious 2014!!! keep up with your goals and the journey becomes easier………..

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